Warranty covers defective parts, and the labor to replace them, for one full year or one million gallons (whichever comes first).   Warranty starts from the date the register is placed into service, not from the date of repair. This allows our customers to keep a spare register on the shelf without the worry that by the time they install the register their warranty would be gone.  Our customers have been very honest about this procedure, as we can tell by the wear and tear on the register approximately how long it has been in service.  We trust that we will be able to have that same continuing relationship with all our new customers.  Being honest about this ensures that we will be able to continue to offer this service.  Being dishonest about it will not only ruin it for others, but also for yourself.

When you place your register into service, you will need to fill out the attached warranty card and mail it back to us.  Warranty cards not returned will not be eligible for warranty service.

We do like to suggest to our customers that you keep a spare register on the shelf, and this program allows you to do just that.  We have seen customers with broken registers lose money not only from lost sales waiting for a new register to arrive, but also in paying Next Day Air charges in getting it to their location.  If you have a spare, you do not have to worry.  And the money you would have lost and spent on shipping is now and investment my increasing your inventory instead.